Request for Sponsorship

The Men’s Room has always contributed to the promotion of events, fundraisers and fundraising activities. It is with pride that we continue this tradition.

To be eligible for a sponsorship or partnership with The Men’s Room, an organization must:

1.   Be a non-profit organization or an LGBT owned/operated business/Event

2.   Request an in-kind contribution in the form of Gift Certificates for The Men’s Room. (The Men’s Room makes no financial contribution.)

3.   Offer visibility or other compensation of equal value to The Men’s Room contribution

4.   Allow The Men’s Room to reach one of its target audiences:

      a. LGBT business customers;
      b. LGBT tourists;
      c. LGBT community in general.

5.   Demonstrate an affinity of values and mandate with The Men’s Room.

Given the large number requests we receive, it is impossible for us to provide support to everyone that asks. The requests with the most impact and the least cost to us are the ones that are approved most often. No organization with political or religious affiliations is eligible. Also note that The Men’s Room does not offer sponsorship to individuals.

Please download and fill out the form with as much precise information as possible so that your request can be properly assessed. The result of the evaluation will be sent within 45 days of the event.

All requests must be made at least 90 days prior to your event.

The Men’s Room reserves the right to decline any application for sponsorship or partnership for any reason.

Thank you for your proposal.

Submit a Request:

1. Check that you meet the eligibility requirements outlined.

2. Download and fill out the sponsorship request form.

3. E-mail the completed form to