Pitbull Cruise FAQ


How do I book this cruise?

After registering for the cruise on www.pitbullevents.com an agent of CruiseOne will contact you at the phone number you have provided and continue the booking process. After providing the initial deposit, required to reserve your spot on the cruise, you will be considered booked for the cruise. Please see the cancellation policy for this cruise for any information on cancelations.

Where can I get more information on the Celebrity Cruise Ship Reflection?

All the details of the ship can be found at :

What makes this cruise different than other gay cruises?

The Pitbull Caribbean Cruise is unique in that it is the only gay cruise that offers an “all inclusive” alcohol package to its guests. This means that all drink costs (soft drinks, spirits, beer, and house wine) are included in the package. This means that all costs associated with the cruise will be included in the cost of the cruise package, there will be no additional fees. It is also one of the only cruises that offers the regular high quality Celebrity Cruiseline onboard entertainment.

How is the Pitbull cruise going to be different from the RSVP/Atlantis cruises?
The pitbull cruise will be unique in that it will be the only gay cruise group offering dedicated excursions for its group. In all three ports of call (Puerto Rico, St. Maarten, and St. Thomas) unique and interesting excursions will be planned exclusively for the members of the Pitbull Cruise. These excursions will not be available to the general public and will cater specifically to the gay market on our cruise.
Another key difference is the fact that Pitbull Cruises is the only gay cruise voyage where an all inclusive alcohol package can be included in the price of the cruise package. The all inclusive drink package will help you save on any last minute costs once departing the ship after a great cruise. The cruise is also being thrown by established grassroots event promoters in the LGBT community and promises to be filled with unique activities that will guarantee the cruise will be memorable and unforgettable.

Is thPitbull Cruise exclusively gay?
Although there will be many of members from the LGBT community on the cruise, this voyage is open to the general public as well. There will be a diverse group of adults enjoying themselves on this cruise, but there will also be events planned specifically for the LGBT market.   
Are there excursions planned for the gay group during the cruise?

Yes, there will be some excursions available for this group during the cruise.  Details for each excursion will be released closer to the launch of the cruise.

Will there be club nights for the gay group happening during the cruise?

Yes, there will be an itinerary of events happening on the cruise catering to this group. These will include club nights as well as other activities during the day. A full itinerary of events for the cruise will be released closer to the launch of the cruise.

What are the dining options on the cruise?

The Celebrity Reflection offers multiple dining option. Casual dining options are available throughout the day, this includes various deck side grills / snack bars as well as a buffet restaurant that is open every day for breakfast, lunch and dinner. The main dining room which is “A la Carte” service is also open for breakfast (8 am to 9:30 am), lunch (Noon to 1:30 pm) and dinner. The Pitbull Cruise group will have an assigned seating at 8:30 pm and all members of that group will be seated in the same section for a fun and lively dinner. In room dining options are also included in the Pitbull Cruise Package, so a snack can be delivered to your room at any time of day.  

There are also specialty restaurants on the ship that are not included in the  Cruise Package and more information on these restaurants can be found at

What is the exact itinerary of the cruise?
Feb 8, 2014 – Depart from Miami at 5 pm
Feb 9, 2014 – Day at Sea
Feb 10, 2014 – Dock at San Juan, PR from 3 pm to 10 pm
Feb 11, 2014 – Dock in St. Maarten from 10 am to 6 pm
Feb 12, 2014 – Dock in St. Thomas from 9 am to 5 pm
Feb 13, 2014 – Day at Sea
Feb 14, 2014 – Day at Sea
Feb 15, 2014 – Dock in Miami by 8 am

What are the different prices for the different packages and rooms for the cruise?

See the Registration Form for latest pricing.

Am I limited to those three types of rooms?

The three types of rooms mentioned above are some of the more popular types of rooms offered by Celebrity Cruiselines but there are additional types of rooms available. If you are looking for a different type of room that is offered on the “Reflection” you are more than welcome to book it.

What is the refund / cancellation policy?

Days Before Departure 

90 - No Charge (Deposit Returned)
89-60 - $250 Deposit Forfeited
59-30 - 50% of Package Price Forfeited
29-15 - 75% of Package Price Forfeited
15 or less - 100% of Package Price Forfeited

What if I need to change the name on my ticket?
1 free name change subsequent may have a charge. Name changes may not be allowed within 90 days of the scheduled departure.
Should I buy trip insurance?

It is a good idea to buy trip insurance before any trip. It must be noted that some credit cards to provide basic travel insurance coverage automatically.

Is there internet (wi-fi) onboard the ship?

All of our ships have Internet Cafes. Internet access is available in the Internet Cafés 24 hours a day until debarkation is completed.

You can connect to the Internet either by accessing a 24/7 wireless connection "hotspot" with your own laptop or tablet, or utilizing the resources of the Internet Café and its computers onboard. You will be able to receive email, via satellite link 24 hours a day, satellite conditions permitting. We also have an Internet Manager on board to assist you.


Package Name

Minutes Included

In and Out
In Touch

Per minute rate is $0.75. Captain's Club Premium Offers that are distributed onboard may not apply to all packages. Internet rates and packages are subject to change without prior notice.

What is involved in the “all inclusive drink” packages?

The Classic All Inclusive Package includes:
·         Coca Cola can and fountain sodas selections such as Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite, Fanta Orange and Coke Zero
·         Fresh squeezed and bottled juices
·         Premium Coffees and Teas
·         Non-Premium Bottled Water
·         All Beers up to $5 per serving
·         All spirits, cocktails, frozen drinks, and wines by the glass up to $8 per serving.
The Premium All Inclusive Package includes everything included in the Classic package as well as:
·         The entire selection of sodas selections on board including all canned and fountain soft drinks from Coca Cola
·         Premium Bottled Water from Evian, Perrier and San Pellegrino
·         Specialty Coffees and Teas
·         Non-Alcoholic Frozen Drinks and Smoothies
·         Red Bull Energy Drink
·         Specialty Waters from Vitamin Water.
·         The entire selection of Beers on board
·         All spirits, cocktails and wines by the glass up to $12 per serving.

Packages may not be shared, and do not include beverages sold in gift shops, mini-bar, or room service, or the Enomatic® wine dispensing system. Ordered packages may be modified up to four days prior to sailing by canceling and reordering the package. Cancellations or refunds will not be issued onboard the vessel after embarkation day. Availability of beverage packages varies by ship. You must be at least 21 years of age to purchase any alcoholic package and to consume alcohol.

Will there be entertainment on the cruise?

The usual highly rated entertainment that Celebrity Cruises offers on its all voyages will be available on this voyage. The following entertainment will be occurring throughout the duration of the cruise.  
·         Production Shows: Broadway, Circus, Song and Dance spectaculars
·         Interactive Theme Parties: Flava, Groove, Masque, and Live@Sky
·         Custom performance featuring Poet Theatricals and Qdos
·         Guest Entertainers featuring Comedians, Singers, Magicians, Jugglers and more
·         Live Music featuring String Quartets, Jazz Bands, Guitarists and A Cappella performances
·         DJs - to keep you dancing all night long

Is the flight to the departure port of Miami included in the “all inclusive” package?

The flight is not included in the cost of the package but our travel agents who will be contacting you on behalf of CruiseOne will be more than happy to help you arrange your flight from any 
destination and offer you a one cost bundle.

Can I book my flight through you?

Flights can be booked through the agent of CruiseOne that will be contacting you after your registration on the Pitbull Webpage. The cost of the flight will be additional to the cost of the Pitbull Cruise Package.

I don’t have anybody to share a room with, is there a “Roommate Finder” program?

We will be offering a program for those people traveling on their own to find a roommate to help defer the costs of a single occupancy booking. Please advise when registering for the cruise that you would like to be included into this program and we will do our best to match you up.  
How will I stay informed about the developments with the cruise?

Everybody who registers on the cruise will be added to a mailing list and will receive informational e-mail updates on a regular basis. There will also be a Facebook page (www.facebook.com/pitbull.toronto) that will constantly feature up to date information. Please click on the facebook link and click “Like” to be added to the Facebook informational updates.